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|Svahana|Female|Straight|Single Single Single Single Single Single single|

|Really flustered and feeling toppled with things I need to get done|




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Here comes the random...:




You can't glue a pigeon.

— RT Podcast #231 (0:14:55)

I bet roses are the rarest mineral on earth.

— Let’s Play - Minecraft #61 (24:45)

I keep not learning.

— Let’s Play - Cloudberry Kingdom #2 (3:00)

You know how I am an annoying bastard? You’re like an irritating prick. There’s a subtle difference there.

— Let’s Play - Minecraft #62 (44:12)

If you had a massive aquarium and you just put it in space, right. And then you took away the aquarium it’s just a glob of water in space, and there’s a fish in it. Does the fish know that it’s in space?

— RT Podcast #224 (0:37:06)

Does air not float in water in space?

— RT Podcast #224 (0:37:55)

We should get a general anaesthetic sprinting contest. We get anaesthetized, and then we run, see who gets the furthest.

— RT Podcast #225 (1:13:26)

Could you make a face look like someone else’s face if you had their face tattooed on your face?

— RT Podcast #227 (1:36:22)

Think of all the stuff that happened to you that you don’t remember.

— RT Podcast #226 (0:39:10)

I became less alive than I was a minute ago.

— Let’s Play - Minecraft #56 (43:46)

Get out of the floor!

— Let’s Play - Minecraft #54 (30:41)

Say there’s a line in the store, a queue, but I don’t wanna wait in it. Can I just dump money on the counter and take the thing?

— Let’s Build in Minecraft - Portal House (21:25)

It's let’s plays like this, that make me wanna try cocaine. I’m just so bored walking around, not finding anything, I wanna do drugs.

— Let’s Play - Minecraft #54 (18:23)

Do you think anyone has ever been in cardiac arrest, while they’re being arrested?

— Let’s Play - Minecraft #52 (42:19)

I don’t have a reflection guys. I think maybe I’m a zombie.

— Let’s Play - Left 4 Dead 2 Podcast Crew (05:27)

We were in a meeting today, and we were like clapping at some stuff. At that moment I just promised myself: I’m not gonna clap any more. It’s weird when you look at it, and specially if someone was deaf. You just see everyone just banging their hands together like cavemen.

— RT Podcast #217 (0:01:37)

I'm doing useful!

— Let’s Play - Happy Wars (26:19)

Who would want to be on drugs in space? That looks mental.

— Rage Quit - Surgeon Simulator 2013: Ambulance & space missions (16:09)

Does chloroform really work as quickly as it does in movies? I might start splashing it on my pillow at night so I can GET SOME ACTUAL SLEEP

— Twitter @ gavinfree - April 16th 2013


About Me

I'm from the United States and live in a city, or really the city's village, where I'm one house among many condos. I'm in middle school, while I have a younger sister who's two years behind me, and she deserves a lot more than she gets. The school district has always been iffy to me, my history being socially deprived, for reasons. I was mocked for my short hair and different idea of life, as well as trying to make everything I do better than others. I had a bad habit of straying from others because of this, and having to make up friends essentially for my amusement, which is actually where a few of my characters come from today.
I'm not the most approachable in person, but I feel more comfortable here. I tend to spend quite a while on here each day, even though I don't have a whole lot of access to it on normal days.
I stray outside about 5 hours a day... my backyard is a wildlife reserve in which I birdwatch and collect data on species that I don't know. I have 'studied' animals for 6 years and counting, and I know various latin names of animals. I keep information in a little place where I really don't move it except to add pages. Yet another reason for the bullying: I react and know any animal more than I understand people.
Which is probably why I hate writing from a humans perspective, it's just hard.
Other things I love to do are fish (ironically), draw, sketch, react with my cat, baseball, archery, and camping.
I love red, BBQ, fire, and celebrations (if I don't get too involved.), which my dad always comments that it's because I was born on the 4th of july. Of course, I brag about it, but not to people I already know.
I am socially awkward, I hate making the first move at making friends, or even talking to someone, unless I come off as a superior to them, in which I feel like it's my job to control them.
I hate rants: Like, really. I see that people can be sad or mad or whatever, and writing it down makes people feel better, but I don't want to hear it, or see it, because, especially when you make a post on here, my first assumption is that all you want is attention and poor sympathy.
Anyway, happy things now.
My best friend? Keep scrolling. ;)

~Red, Black, Grey, Cake, Fire, Heat, Sleep, Fishing, Archery, Baseball, My Tablet, Friends, BBQ, Ribs, MEAT, Animals, Drawing, Sketching, Writing, observing, Arts and Crafts, Being in control, but not in the spotlight, Science, Pixeling, Hanging out, hearing others conversations, sunset, darkness, ghost stories, and Family.~

My dislikes? Those would take up the whole page. vuv




I Got It No Sweat by AchievementHuntress
It's No Use I Can't Control It by AchievementHuntress
Let's call them stickers.


I hope that's not a lot? I might lower it. <3

I can add/remove/change what you please <3
Other Animations
Hydra Animation by AchievementHuntress

This is not a run/walk cycle, so it costs a slight bit more.
Please include character, any poses or accessories you want, or if you want anything else specific. c:
Run/Walk Cylces
Oh what, another one? by AchievementHuntress Cera Walk Cycle by AchievementHuntress

Link with your character please c: Also, if you want any extras, like accessories. c:


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Laise1031 Apr 4, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
I had a kind of. . .awkward question.
AchievementHuntress Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Um, yes? .3.
Laise1031 Apr 4, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
Could you remake the cat base? I mean, I LOVE it, but I would like to see how you could improve it! ^^;
AchievementHuntress Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm glad to see you'd like to see it improved, but I'm not going to re-draw it for a while. I mean, it's good for your purposes.
(1 Reply)
mintye Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
omg haii dar ~ heres your kiri prize! sorry it was late... so very, very late ; ;…
AchievementHuntress Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh mai thank you so so much
<33 I love it it's so cute!
mintye Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem! and thanks too hahah <33 if you want anything changed, tell me ; u;
AchievementHuntress Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh no it's perfect <3 thank ye owo
(1 Reply)
martawanda Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Passing by, I wanted to wish you a good day (or night) :) (Smile)Hi!
zammy, I don't wanna be rude,but sootfall and silverkit/paw agreed that he wanted to be medicine cat apprentice...sorry for telling you this so late ;3;
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